SEO + your video = Page 1 of Google.

It’s really this simple.

What is it to take to be the number one video marketing company in Phoenix? How about one that proves that you can get your video on page 1 of Google? For all the folks in Phoenix please Google the term “Scottsdale house painter” and you’ll notice that four years ago one of our clients was lucky enough to have their video land on page 1. There’s more to it: you have to use Google tools properly period Google has a set of tools that if you use them properly, you’ll be rewarded with rank in 12 hours. Would it change your business a little to have your video on page one of Google for the entire world to see? It would, who wouldn’t want a video on page 1 of Google? YouTube has become your TV channel that we can afford period. not all small businesses can afford TV this is your TV for the small business.

Would you like your business video on page 1 of Google?


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