ASSET RE PURPOSING for internet marketing

We take your existing content and re-purpose (convert/reformat) it into multiple types.
For example, an article can be re-purposed into a PPT presentation, a Slideshare upload, a Y ou T ube
Video (text with audio voice-over), a podcast, an infographic, an eBook (from multiple articles), a white
paper, a how-to guide, a meme, an image with caption, etc.
Another example: A video can be taken, audio stripped for a podcast, transcribed and converted into
an article, a PPT and so on.
In fact there are dozens of content types that can be derived from a single piece, and all of it can be
branded according to your needs.
We distribute your content all across the internet, to 10,20,30 or 40 websites including your
wordpress site.
We distribute the re-purposed content to relevant websites where your target audiences are. The
advantage is that there are “ready-made” audiences just waiting to absorb and share fresh content.
For each content piece there will be a unique title and description, which will ultimately be indexed by
leading search engines like Google, Bing and Y ahoo. Each will also have a call to action and a link
back to the original content on Y OR a landing page we can develop separately for
sales conversion.
Finally , we interlink all of the fresh content using your social media accounts so your audiences there
can be engaged and given rich media options to choose from.
In addition, the new waves of web visitors who will be attracted through these efforts can be given
fresh doses of unique content on an ongoing basis.
Intake your existing content
Repurpose it to Video, Audio, Slides, PDF, Image Quotes, Infographic/Instructographic, etc.
Create 20,30,40 or 50+ branded profiles with custom banners
Distribute the re purposed contents EVENLY across the entire month.
ASSET RE PURPOSING for internet marketing.
What this means is that when you have content in various formats, your marketing strategy can be looked on as the trusted author of content by Google.