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It’s time for Hybrid Pay per click management.


Don’t want to hire and train hopefully the perfect new employee?

Let us do your pay per click management or train your smart employee. We offer two different pay per click services, We train your employee to be a pay per click genius or We do it for you. Either way you get expert pay per click management and business growth!

We train your smart employee to do all pay per click duties.

No. Of Zoom Meetings

Ten Zoom calls with our Google pay per click expert and your smart employee.

Training Employees

During Zoom calls we teach your employee how to do Pay per click management.

Zoom Training

This is hands-on Zoom training to get your pay per campaign click launched and maintained.

Google Pay Per Click

After we train your smart employee you will have a Google quality pay per click manager!

Training Expenses

Why go to the expense of training hopefully the RIGHT new employee?

Google Account Benefits

Don’t pay to hire & train a new employee, let us train your employee to manage your Google account.

Prices from $2k to 10k depending on size of company.

We do all your pay per click duties.

  • Participate in forming effective paid search strategies.
  • Launch and optimize various PPC campaigns.
  • Oversee accounts on search platforms (e.g. Google AdWords, Bing)
  • Be involved in keyword selection and audience targeting.
  • Monitor budget and adjust bids to gain better ROI.



$5k = 10 Zoom Google pay per click management training calls with our Google expert.


$9k = 20 Zoom Google pay per click management training calls with our Google expert.

This is by far the most inexpensive way to have a successful Google ad campaign.

After the Zoom calls you have no more expense and a well trained Google pay per click manager.