Congratulations, if accepted into this virtual networking group you will have made one of the best marketing decisions possible.

Is your business on page one of Google?

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If not you need the services of Page one Partners. We developed this program to help small business get ranked on page one of Google and get more clients.

Our services offer you a chance to get more traffic to your website and social media pages. All while converting this traffic to sales


Wait a minute, what is virtual networking?

It is partners helping each other to gain Google page one rank.
Once a member you will be matched up with another partner weekly to help each other gain page one of Google rank. You do this by making a SEO correct comment on the other member’s website and social pages. This is what we call virtual networking, helping other partners obtain page one rank.

We do this by getting your website and social pages 100’s of likes, plus 1’s, shares, comments, Google reviews, Yelp reviews. You will join a large group intent on helping each other gain page one rank on Google. Each week partners are emailed a packet of another partner’s website and social pages.

After receiving this packet each member is instructed to go comment, like, plus 1, share and review the others persons website and social pages.

The folks at Google and Godaddy say making friends is very important. Well this is networking for your internet marketing pages.

If you notice Fortune 500 companies have 100’s if not 1,000’s of likes, shares and reviews.


Well folks this is what helps you get ranked on page one of Google. We bring the marketing genius of fortune companies to the small business person.

Google loves websites and social pages that have consumer content. We help you get just that!

As a byproduct your website gets more traffic and Google now sees your website as a trusted source.


We teach you how to make the perfect post on websites and social pages.

What is a perfect post? It is one that is SEO correct. Yes the days of comments like “great info” are done.

The perfect post has a picture, and few key word sentences, a link to a website, call to action and hash tags.

Learn the perfect post for WordPress, Facebook,Twitter,Google Plus, Link-ed in, Youtube, Pinterest, Intstagram and Yelp.

Apply today and get your website and social pages ranked on page one of Google.Please understand we

do not accept everyone. A lot is expected from each member. When we all work together we all succeed.